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Boom Racing X KRONIK Wrangler PUNISHER JEEP Build


Bert Manansala AKA KRONIK recently did a collaboration with Boom Racing to build this one-of-a-kind Wrangler PUNISHER Jeep.

The inspiration behind this build is to put together a high performance scale rig with a realistic scale hard body, with all of the available products out there in the market. One of the highlights is how the body mounts up to the chassis using the Boom Racing Stealth Wireless LED Body Mount. The Boom Racing Flexible Antenna is shortened and mounted on the hood which flexes as the truck moves for scale realism. KRONIK Customs carbon graphite fenders, luggage rack, grill and hood scoop.


Items used in this build:

1X Axial SCX10 II RTR #AX90047

1X Team Raffee Co. 5 Door Rubicon Hard Body for 1/10 Crawler 313mm Kit Version #TRC/302281-KIT (available in red, yellow and white now .. Assembled Version #TRC/302281 also available)

2X Boom Racing 1.9" HUSTLER M/TX 4.75" MC2 Snail Slime Compound w/ 2-Stage Foams Rock Crawler Tires [RECON G6 The Fix Certified] #BRTR19002

1X Boom Racing Golem KRAIT 1.9" Beadlocks Wheels [RECON G6 The Fix Certified] #BRW780903BK

1X Boom Racing Stealth Wireless LED Body Mount for SCX10 II #BR955025

2X Boom Racing AR44 PHAT™ Axle Housing W/ ARMOUR™ Skid Plate 210grams Black [RECON G6 The Fix Certified] #BR955015

1X Boom Racing Heavy Steel Helical Pineapple Gear Set For Axial SCX10 [RECON G6 The Fix Certified] #BRQ32119

1X Boom Racing Flexible Functional Scale Antenna for RC Cars 275mm #BR955024

1X Boom Racing Heavy Duty Keyed Bevel Helical Gear 30/8T + Differential Locker Spool Set For AR44 Axle [RECON G6 The Fix Certified] #BR955020

1X Boom Racing BADASS Rod Ends M4 Nylon w/ Stainless Steel Pivot Ball Assorted Set (40pcs) [RECON G6 The Fix Certified] #BRWM4RECOMBO

1X Team Raffee Outside White Inside Red Halo Headlight #BRHY00161RW

1X Team Raffee Realistic Steel Front Bumper with Towing Hooks #BRQ90275CBK

1X Team Raffee 32 LED Light Lamp Bar 145mm for 1/10 Crawler #TRC/302319

1X Knight Custom Snorkel

1X KRONIK Metal Roof Rack

1X KRONIK Wrangler Hood Scoop

1X KRONIK Wrangler Front Grill Mount


Order the above products through this link:































Author:Jason Tsang

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