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1/10 4WD Radio Control Chassis Kit

USD $555.00

Part #: BR8001


1/10 4WD Radio Control Chassis Kit

USD $555.00

Part #: BR8001


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Beginning of the Future ... Starts Here!

This is a BRX01 kit version with all-new universal body mount set.


Over the years R/C crawlers have become more realistic in terms of performance and scale features. But to date, the crawler hobby industry hasn't seen a high performance "daily driver" – what we industry junkies describe as a 1:1 vehicle that can be purchased from the dealership, a truck without a suspension lift and big tires.

So we set out to produce this truck - a performance based "daily driver" packed with innovations; fine enough to be a shelf queen and badass enough to be a beast on the trails!

The BRX01 chassis is Recon G6 The Fix certified in Europe in 2019 by Andreas Hahn.


Starting with a clean sheet of paper the 1/10 BRX01 was developed as a performance based R/C crawler chassis with a scale "stock truck" appearance. It combines many performance and scale features into a single ground breaking vehicle.

What makes the BRX01 special is that many of the features on the chassis come from the imaginations of fellow R/C hobbyists. By listening to their ideas and feedback, we are able to include many new and exciting features into the BRX01.


  • Length: 462mm (chassis)
  • Front Track Width: 188mm
  • Rear Track Width: 184mm
  • Ground Clearance: 26mm
  • Weight: 1880g (chassis)
  • Height: 132mm
  • Wheelbase: 313mm
  • Approach Angle: 45 degree (with LC70 body)
  • Departure Angle: 35 degree (with LC70 body)
  • Breakover Angle: 35 degree (with body)
  • Front Shock Length: 80mm
  • Rear Shock Length: 80mm
  • Wheels: 1.55" Internal Beadlock
  • Tires: 3.46" x 0.94" (88mm x 24mm)
  • Hex Size: 12mm
  • Motor Size: 540/550 (not included)
  • Transmission: BCF2™ 2-speed Hi-Lo, Remote Shifting
  • Transfer Case: SRD™ Anti-Torque Twist w/ Selective Rotational Drive
  • Gear Pitch: 32P Pinion/Spur, 48P T-Case
  • Chassis Structure/Material: 7mm Billet Machined Aluminum
  • Drive System: Full Time Shaft Driven 4WD
  • Steering: Chassis Mounted Servo Suspension: Front 3 Link Panhard and Rear Triangulated 4 Link



  • Billet machined 7mm aluminum frame rails
  • Integrated with high-steer design to maximize steering angle
  • Low profile chassis setup for overall low center of gravity
  • High clearance skid plate for superior crawling capability
  • Centralized chassis weight and drivetrain design to keep the left and right sides equally balanced
  • Adjustable Chassis Mounted Servo Mount
  • Complete High Performance Rubber Sealed Bearings
  • Uses High Grade 12.9 Alloy Steel Nickel Plated Screws


  • Full-time shaft driven 4WD
  • Innovative pinion-spur gear mesh guide for precision setup
  • Heavy duty steel cut gears
  • Anti-Torque Twist T-Case reduces chassis torque twist under acceleration
  • Selective Rotational Drive™ (SRD) means you can choose between counter rotation setup and standard setup
  • Voodoo Heavy Duty Steel Center Drive Shafts
    • Front 90-100mm
    • Rear: 125-145mm


  • Small footprint aluminum gearbox with Hi/Low range 2-speed transmission
  • Adjustable motor positions for low center of gravity and high clearance setup
  • Heavy duty steel cut gears
  • Hard plastic 32 Pitch 28T spur gear for durability


  • BRX70 PHAT™ high pinion heavy duty cast metal axle for increased weight down low
  • BADASS™ heavy duty steel universal shafts with over 45 degree steering angle
  • AR44 heavy duty keyed steel cut bevel gears for high performance and durability
  • Adjustable caster angle for tuning
  • Knuckles have multiple mounting positions for tuning
  • Reversible axle bevel gear positions
  • Leaf spring over and under axle setup enabled
  • Servo on axle setup enabled
  • Detachable aluminum CNC truss


  • Behind-The-Axle steering for superior front axle clearance and realistic scale appearance
  • Stainless steel tie rod, drag link & panhard link
  • Counter threaded drag link and panhard link for quick adjustments


  • Front: 3-link with panhard (leaf spring enabled)
  • Rear: triangulated 4-link (leaf spring enabled)
  • Adjustable panhard link and mount
  • Adjustable front shock tower with 52 possible mounting positions
  • 12 rear suspension mounting positions
  • Hard Anodized 7mm Aluminum Chassis Links
  • BADASS™ Heavy Duty 4mm Rod Ends with Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Pivot Balls


  • Full aluminum 2-Stage spring loaded oil-filled shocks
  • Threaded bodies with adjustment collars
  • Optional soft springs included

Wheels & Tires:

  • 1.55” 16-Hole Stamped Steelie Beadlock Wheels
  • SP Road Tracker (Gekko Compound) Tires 3.46” x 0.94” (88mm x 24mm)
  • Single stage open foam inserts


  • Officially licensed Killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Hard Body kit
    • ABS hard plastic
    • Over 12 highly detailed scale parts (door mirrors, interior mirror, air intake, snorkel, dashboard, steering wheel, window wipers, front wheel arches, chrome radiator grill, antenna, full filler cap, door handles and badges)
    • Ready for LEDs (not included)
    • Optional extras available including full interior, moving windows and other scale details (not included)
  • Quick release LC70 body hinge and mounts for easy access to chassis components
  • Fits optional Killerbody body interior (with minimal cutting)
  • Optional Team Raffee Co. 1/10 Discovery 313mm Body TRC/302836 (requires body mount BRLC7202)


  • JX Waterproof Metal Gears Mini Servo for remote 2-speed shifting
  • Proprietary silicone sealed watertight receiver box keeps the receiver dry

  • Brand: JX Servo
  • Model: JX/PDI-HV1151MG
  • Working voltage: 6V~8.4V
  • Working temperature: -20C°~ +60C°
  • Dead band: 4usec
  • Motor type: Core Motor
  • Signal booster type: Digital
  • Gear material: Metal gear
  • Operating Speed: 0.12s/60deg (6.0V) | 0.10s/60deg (8.4V)
  • Stall Torque: 3.5kg/cm (6.0V) | 4.5kg/cm (8.4V)
  • Idle Current: 150mA (6.0V) | 180mA (8.4V)
  • Load Current: 260mA (6.0V) | 340mA (8.4V)
  • Size: 23.2 x 12.5 x 25.6mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Tooth Count: 25
  • Wire length: 310mm JR plug
  • Black: Negative Red: Positive White: Signal

  • BRX01 1/10 4WD Chassis Bolt-On Kit BR8001
  • JX Waterproof Mini Servo with Metal Gears
  • Metal Body Mount and Hinge for Killerbody LC70 Body
  • 32 Pitch 12T Steel Pinion Gear
  • 25T Low Profile Aluminum Servo Horn
  • Maintenance Kit (Shock Oil, Black Grease, Siliking Grease, Thread Lock)
  • Cable Wiring Retainer Set (18pcs)
  • BRX01 Owners Card (Numbered) with Chassis VIN#
  • Basic Tool Kit


  • Body
  • 3 Channel Radio System
  • ESC (electronic speed control)
  • Steering Servo
  • 540 or 550 Motor (27T for off-road / 35T for crawling matched with provided 12T pinion gear)
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Tools


A Bolt-On Kit means parts of the chassis is pre-assembled and requires minor assembly for completion. The factory assembled parts offer convenience for builders eager to get started.

The BRX01 kit includes factory pre-built axles, transmission, transfer case and shocks. Shocks require oil to be filled (included).


Owning a BRX01 is a truly unique and special experience.

All BRX01 chassis kits include a BRX01 Owners Card. As the original owner, you are eligible to receive a special promotion at each of the events being attended by Boom Racing.

Follow the instructions on the back of the Owners Card to register your vehicle.

Once your vehicle is registered online, the chassis is officially registered to you and no one else can claim it. This will help with any future updates and can be used to notify you of new options in the future.

All BRX01 chassis kits are numbered and include a VIN#. The Car No. and VIN# match those on the BRX01 Owners Card. No two chassis will ever have the same numbers.

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