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Complete Rear Assembled BRX70 PHAT™ Axle Set w/ AR44 HD Gears

USD $95.00

Part #: BRLC7023



Complete Rear Assembled BRX70 PHAT™ Axle Set w/ AR44 HD Gears

USD $95.00

Part #: BRLC7023


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Boom Racing brings you a new and exciting product - Complete Assembled BRX70 Scale PHAT Axle Set.

The BRX70 axle is Boom Racing's new narrow axle. Packed with many desirable solid axle features; heavy weight for low CG, reversible axle bevel gear positions, leaf spring option (over and under axle), detachable aluminum CNC truss, adjustable caster angle. It uses the widely available AR44 axle gear and input shaft.

This is a performance based, heavy and narrow axle set designed for performance based scale RC builds. Use this axle as a base for any custom builds.

Includes red color Diff Cover; Optional Black color Diff Cover is available here.

Includes black color Third Member (fits Reverse AR44 Helical Cut Bevel Gear for running Counter Rotating Center Drive Shafts). Note red color Third Member will not fit Reverse AR44 gear.

BRX70 rear axle is slightly narrower than the BRX70 front axle.


  • 146mm pin-to-pin (5.748 inches)

  • Narrow axle for super scale builds
  • PHAT axle (heavy and robust)
  • 198 grams total weight
  • Reversible axle gear in the housing (swap gear to opposite side for counter rotation center drivetrain setup)
  • Standard AR44 high pinion gear & input shaft
  • Leaf spring over and under the axle housing option
  • CNC aluminum truss included for linked setup (remove truss for leaf spring option for ultimate scale look)
  • BADASS HD Steel rear shaft for ultimate durability and strength for the axle drivetrain
  • Removable third member
  • Third member high pinion angle for higher clearance

  • 1x PHAT Axle Housing
  • 1x AR44 Heavy Duty Keyed Helical Bevel Gear & Input Shaft (30/8T) #BR955020
  • 2x CNC aluminum lockout
  • 2x BADASS Heavy Duty Steel Rear Shaft
  • 1x CNC Aluminum Truss
  • 2x CNC Aluminum Link Mount
  • 2x CNC Aluminum 12mm Hex and Wheel Pins
  • Full set of rubber sealed bearings set for BRX70 front axle
  • Hardware

Optional Parts:
  • Rear Skid Plate for BRX70 PHAT Axle #BRLC7086R
  • XT Diff Cover for BRX70 & BRX90 Axle #BRLC7088
  • Classic Diff Cover for BRX70 / BRX90 PHAT Axle Black #BRLC7026

Replacement Parts:
  • High-Performance Full Ball Bearings Set for BRX70 / BRX80 / BRX90 Front & Rear PHAT Axles (18) PHAT7890BBZ

When you receive the axle:

Make sure to grease up the axle set. You can fill up the empty space with diff grease surrounding the bevel gear and input shaft.

The gear positions are factory setup and should be ready to go. Rotate the drivetrain by hand for physical inspection.

Install spacers accordingly between the center driveshaft and the input shaft to prevent input shaft from unnecessary slop.

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