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Boom Racing BRX Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit For D90


Tired of seeing torque twist? Boom Racing releases the Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit for the D90 chassis to eliminate it.

This new upgraded anti-torque twist system has a few different advantages to your conventional setups. It helps increase driving realism by eliminating torque twist.

The included adjustable gearbox mount raises the gearbox a little bit higher for more clearance of the upper link and the driveshaft. At the same time it allows you to lower the motor position so that the center of gravity is still in about the same position as the stock position.

Another feature of this system is the high clearance skid plate. It raises up the skid plate and creates more ground clearance so you don’t get hung up on rocks as easily.

The BRX Anti Torque Twist system reduces twisting of the vehicle when it accelerate. This is because as the two drive shafts rotate in opposite directions, the torques counteract each other. In normal RC crawler drivetrain systems both drive shafts rotate in the same direction making the vehicle twist in one direction.

This BRX Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit achieves the objective of creating a more scale looking vehicle movement for RC crawlers.

Complete BRX Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit for D90 Chassis #BRQ763071

• 1x High Clearance Motor Mount  #BR302010BK
• 1x Voodoo Steel HD Drive Shaft 49mm 
• 1x High Clearance Skid Plate #BR302011
• 1x BRX Anti Torque Twist Transfer Case Set #BRQ763069
• 1x  Counter Rotation Link Mounts with Rear Truss #BRQ763068
• 6x  M3x3mm Spacers
• 4x  M3 Long Straight Nylon Rod Ends




Installation instruction:

  1. Remove the gearbox from the Boom Racing D90 chassis.
  2. Remove the gearbox mount and replace it with the adjustable high clearance mount using the top mounting position.
  3. Remove the spur gear and rotate the motor mount clockwise by one screw position and reassemble the spur gear.
  4. Remove the driveshaft from the transmission to t-case and replace with the one supplied.
  5. After everything has been installed onto the gearbox you can then reinstall it onto the chassis.
  6. Remove the lower links attached to the skid plate and then replace the plastic rod ends with the longer rod ends and the stainless steel pivot balls which are supplied.
  7. Unscrew the link off the other sides' rod end and put a 3mm spacer in between to help adjust the wheelbase then reattach link.
  8. Remove the stock skid plate and battery plate off the chassis and undo the two driveshafts off the stock transfer box as they have to be reinstalled onto the new anti-torque twist transfer box
  9. Mount the new high clearance skid plate in the same position making sure you have it in the correct orientation (see picture).
  10. Assemble the new anti-torque twist transfer box by following this installation manual : PDF
  11. Attach the transfer box to the skid plate and reattach the driveshafts (see picture for positioning).
  12. Reinstall the battery plate. Use two 3mm spacers to raise it up slightly so it doesn’t rub on the driveshaft.
  13. Remove the rear axle and the stock truss and replace it with the CNC truss. To do this, flip the axle up-side-down 180 degree. Simply attach the truss to the new link mounts and then attach it to the axle.
  14. Reinstall the axle onto the chassis and you have completed the conversion process.
























Author:Ricky M

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